Saigne' 2016

Saignee – “To Bleed” – this is how we collected the juice for this rose, from bleeding the tanks of our top red varietals on the day we crushed them into tank.  We start with Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Syrah, Petite Sirah, just to name a few, and then we saignee the juice from the tank. We then combine all the varietals together and ferment them as if they were white wine, nice and cold. 

This rose was fermented cold – at 55 F for 30 days to finish, the cold ferment allows the floral qualities of the fruit to come forward and saves the delicate notes on the nose as well.  What we end up with is a lighter body version of the red wine that can be consumed as a white wine would (chilled or with lighter food.  This dry style rose is a perfect cross-over wine for either Red Wine or White Wine lovers. It is the wine of compromise as well at the Holiday table, works as a red wine or white wine with food pairings.  

Our rose is dry and will hold beautifully for about 2 – 3 years.  This is a style of wine meant to be consumed while young.  It is a perfect choice for red wine drinkers in the summer or white wine drinkers that want a more bodied wine for food.


Aromatics:  Deep florals of violet, peach and raspberry

On the palate: Cherry and red fruit with herbal notes of lavender and roses.

Pairing: Any fish, grilled or baked, lamb, goose, hard cheeses, salsas. 

Saigne' 2016

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