Reserve Chardonnay 2015

This Chardonnay comes from three different vineyards, two from the HIgh Plains and one from the Hill Country AVA. The first block is from the oldest Chardonnay block in the state of Texas. The span of age of vines runs from 35 years to 6 years old. Each vineyard and block are fermented separately and yeast and oak chosen according to clone, age and final grade prior to picking. This allows us the maximum choice of individual lots to choose from when it comes time to make the final blend.

Most of the chardonnnay lots were fermented in barrel, all of the lots were aged in barrel. Of the barrel ferments, 50% were new oak. All of the barrels were Frenck Allier Oak, the tightest grain oak barrel available. This allowed us to age the wine for 21 months total. We did age all the wine "sur lie" for six months prior to the first racking. Sur lie aging or "aging on lees" allows the wine to develop a fuller mouth feel and rounder finish. This enhances the natural flavors in the Chardonnay and brings a more complete flavor profile. Each lot was fermented cool at 60F for a fermentation rate of 30 days. This long fermentation insures that we keep all the fruit and perfume from "blowing off"during fermentation.

While a lot of New World Chardonnays are much more buttery or oaky, we took an Old World approach to this fruit to maintain the more classic style for this wine. We used two different yeast clones specially isolated from some of the top Burgundy producers - which allows for such a large aroma profile as well as the full mouth feel of the wine itself.


Aromatics: Citrus flowers, gardenia and hints of passion fruit

On  the palate: Deep fruit and balanced acid. Rich, creamy mid palate with hints of butterscotch, apples and tea.

Pairing: Lamb, fish, chicken, hearty bean dishes, pulled pork bbq

Reserve Chardonnay 2015

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