Clementine 15 (Madeira-style)

One of the fun wines to make here at Becker Vineyards, this wine is a late harvest Viognier from the Farmhouse Vineyards, in Meadow, TX.  We allow the grapes hang on the vine until the sugars accumulate and the berries raisin – nearly 6 weeks later than our regular Viognier harvest date – producing deep, tropical notes with concentrated peach and apricot flavors.

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tank, at cool temperatures, for nearly 50 days, slow and low – shutting the fermentation down with 5% residual sugar and a hefty 16% alcohol.  We then fortify the wine to 20.5% alcohol. Maderization of the wine in neutral oak barrels, under the hot Texas sun for the summer months, is the process of heating and oxidizing wine, which produces those intense nutty aromas and caramel notes, while reducing the alcohol content just a bit. Don’t worry – the barrels were brought inside once cooler temperatures and rain drops appear in the fall.

Notes of hazelnut and toasted pecan are wrapped around rich citrus notes with orange blossom and candied fig.  A long finish of jam and roasted nuttiness follow this nectar.   


Aromatics:  Notes of stone fruit, jam, pecan and toasted hazelnut

On the palate:  Pecan pralines, roasted nut, fig and apricot

Pairing:  Think rich desserts such as cheese cake, lava cake or hard aged cheeses with dried fruits.

Clementine 15 (Madeira-style)

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