Reserve Roussanne 2014

2017 Houston Stock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition

Texas Class Champion & Gold Medal

2016 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition

Silver Medal

Roussanne is one of the great Rhone Valley white wines. Meaning ‘roux’ or russet colored in French, it is named for the reddish-gold pigment the fruit displays when fully ripe.

We get most of our Roussanne grapes from the Bingham Vineyard in the Texas High Plains. Texas Roussanne shows a great depth of flavor, accenting the natural fruit flavors of pear and mild tropical fruits.  Because of our warm climate both day and night, this white wine starts to lose acid at the peak of ripeness. We watch for the tell tale signs of color change, then monitor sugar levels in the fruit to help guage the “relative ripeness”.

Cold fermenting for 30 – 45 days allows us to save the very subtle fruit notes from vine all the way to bottle. This wine is both rich in flavor and body as well as balanced with its acid and tannins. It is one of the great white wines for red wine drinkers. If you have not tried white wines simply because you are a “red only” wine person – I urge you to give this wine a try.



Aromatics: Delicate herbal tea with notes of lime, white flowers, and pear

On the Palate: Complex finish of honeycomb and graceful acidity

Pairing: Poached eggs, crab, smoked fish, turkey

Reserve Roussanne 2014

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