Jolie 2014

2016 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition

Bronze Medal

The inspiration for Jolie comes from the fantastic Rosé wines of the Alto Douro, Portugal and Duero River Valley in Spain. The grapes for Becker’s Jolie are Tempranillo, Syrah, and Grenacha. This juice comes from the Saignée (bleeding of the tanks) of red varietals giving Jolie its full body.

This rosé was fermented cold - at 55F for 30 days to finish, allowing the floral qualities of the fruit and delicate notes on the nose to come forward. What we end up with is a light bodied wine that can be consumed chilled or with lighter food, while also retaining some of the characteristics of the red grape. It is a perfect cross-over wine for either Red Wine or White Wine lovers - the wine of compromise.

Our rosé is dry and will hold beautifully for about 2 - 3 years. This is a style of wine meant to be consumed while young.



Aromatics: Deep florals of apple, rose and red berries

On the palate: Cherry cola, herbal lavenderwith notes of citrus zest

Pairing: Any fish, grilled or baked, lamb, goose, hard cheeses, salsas

Jolie 2014

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